The first part of the job is to clean the driveway, removing all the dirt using a pressure washer. This means that if you have a block paving driveway, you will need to clean between all bricks and not just the top. All old sand and dirt must be removed to make your driveway looking like new. If you don't have block paving driveway, then a good clean down with a pressure washer will suffice. remove all dirt and weeds. You can use just water or buy a brick cleaner. Its like a detergent that you apply through your pressure washer.



Once your driveway has completely dried and no sign of residual moisture remains and no sign of rain, you need to sand your driveway using Kiln Dried Sand. Ensure you have enough bags of sand to do the job. Simply empty the sand onto the driveway and sweep the sand into the gaps between all block paving bricks. Making sure that the sand does not come above the line thats just below the top of the brick. Sweep all of remaining sand away and rebag. Ensure you dont have any residual sand on top of the bricks. Once the sanding has been done, get a hose and gently sprinkle water over the driveway allowing the sand to clump together. (driveway cleaning pressure washing)



Sealing is again something which needs to be done when the driveway is completely dry, so choose a day when there is no rain expected and its nice and warm. Sealant comes in different varieties and prices. Some cheap and some really expensive. Some give a clear look and some a wet look. So you need to decide what you want your driveway to look like when its finished. There are a few ways to apply sealant such as, a painters style roller or a pressurised spray applicator. As with all chemicals, read the instruction and follow the safety guidelines.

Cleaning Up

Dirt everywhere

Be mindful that when using a pressure washer, dirt will fly all over the place. So be prepared to wipe down windows, walls & doors.

Mud glorius mud

Maybe not as much as in the picture, but you will most likely have lots of it once your clean is finished. We always ask our customers for an old flower bed to put it in and level it out. So make sure you have somewhere to put it.

Job done

Nice one, you finished. This all could potentially take a few days depending on the size of your drive and the weather forecasted. If after reading this you would like us to handle all of the above, WHY NOT GIVE US A CALL. 0800 410 1074 / 07851 996 558 / 07956 729 369.